Meet Our Donors

We thank all our planned-gift donors for their generous support.

Kathi & Kim Miller

“We’re thrilled that Stonewall is now a national monument so that people can experience that important part of our history—not just read about it in textbooks.”- Kathi Miller
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Russell James and Brenda Tanner

My wife and I decided to leave a gift to the National Park Foundation in our will because we want to do our part to keep the parks vibrant and available … for my granddaughters, for their generation, and for everyone who comes after.
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Jayne Iafrate and Barbara Stephens

“When I go to a park, I love looking at all the old pictures in visitors’ centers. I love imagining that in 1916 someone thought about me visiting one day. And it’s only right that I do my part to protect it for someone else 100 years from now.” – Barbara Stephens
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Charlene and Gerry Keller

“What do we really love? The National Parks!”-Charlene Keller
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Monica & Buddy McSwain

We’ve created so many wonderful memories in our national parks.
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Khouw.Petta and Ronald 2.2016-small

Petta and Ron Khouw

Petta and Ron want everyone to experience beautiful moments like that in our national parks.
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Webster.Phyllis wRanger 2017-small

Phyllis Webster

Like many fellow supporters, I’ve been very concerned about the national park budget cuts that have occurred over the years.
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Mann.Janean at Big Bend 2.2016-small

Janean Mann

It is available to everyone for only a nominal fee. Each park provides a different learning experience along with peace and beauty.
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Lindsey.Jay2 - 2016-small

Jay Lindsey

My love has grown over the years as I’ve witnessed the amazing natural beauty of even more national parks
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Knoll Carolyn Large

Carolyn Knoll

Like so many other baby boomers, Carolyn Knoll decided that retirement was not going to keep her from living an active and adventurous life. Read More »


Susan And Will Harbaugh

“Visiting the national parks as adults is our way to live out our childhood longing for that iconic American family vacation.”
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Knoll Carolyn Large

Donna Boone

I hope every American can have the opportunity to experience our national parks. That’s why I decided to leave a gift to the National Park Foundation. Read More »

Anthony Powell

Anthony Powell’s earliest memory of national parks was a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains when he was 7 years old.
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Fraker.Susan in Yellowstone 2015 (002)-small

Susan Fraker

Thoreau said, “In wilderness is the preservation of the world.” That’s why I’ve made the National Park Foundation a beneficiary of my IRA. Read More »